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(Archived) Full screen presentation mode on Chromebook

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We are extremely interested in the prospect of the full-screen presentation mode for Evernote. The area of current interest would be the ability to use this within your web app on a chrome book.


For us, just as with the OS X version, we'd be perfectly willing to pay for this function. The main use for us would be to replace PowerPoint for many of our presentations.

It is the combination of the cheapness of a chrome book, with its lightness that is driving this desire.


In addition, within my professional capacity at a university, we would be interested in this feature for lecturers and students, again for the above reasons.


Please advise whether this is on your development roadmap.

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Hi Oliver. Thanks for the request. As gazumped mentioned, we don't typically talk about roadmaps.


However, we're always very interested in hearing about features that people want, and particularly why.


I'd love to know what your particular organization would need in lieu of Powerpoint — because Presentation mode is a different approach than Powerpoint— rather  than being based on static slides that are presented linearly, it takes note(s) you already have and makes them presentable. If you've spent some time with Presentation mode and had feature requests, then this is also a great place for them too :)


Thanks for your feedback!

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