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  1. A brilliant thread - thank you all! Just to add my voice in here though, I would like to have all my stuff in one place. I know that Evernote isn't a Word Processor and don't want it to be. It does though have rich text capability, highlighting, underlining etc - just as this micro editor in this forum tool does. It's not trying to be a WP either - but these are useful tools within this context. At the moment I have my documents (hundreds of them), each hundreds of pages long - split between Dropbox (as word files) and Evernote. I started with the dropbox solution, sorting them hierachaly and cross referencing them until I started really using Evernote. They still get written in Word (cause Evernote doesn't have some of the stuff I want - and doesn't seem to like writing docs more than a few pages) but as soon as I can - I get them over to EN. You know the reasons why so I don't need to go into them here - it's why we are on this forum, all using and enjoying EN. Once they're in EN though I do add to them / make further notes etc. Once that's happened.. really difficult to sync / balance the docs between Word DB, and EN... Once they are over in EN - both as Embedded files and as copy and paste (in the same note), I really do miss page numbers when I print them. Why do I print them because (try as I might, and I've been working with tech now for over 30 years) I can't get away from paper for some things. I seem to have some dyslexia and when I'm faced with a large document (electronically or otherwise), unless I physically interface with it, breaking it up with a pen through markings, highlighting, underlining etc - I can't absorb it. Yep, I've tried (and really quite like) the EN markup feature, but it still doesn't overcome this issue for me. That's why - yes, please please give us page numbers. I know the complications. It isn't a simple request, it's complex to implement - but not insurmountable at all. US format and A4 - that'll do it for starters and covers off 95% of the world I suspect. It is a feature - any idea for a product enhancement (which this is) is a new feature and involves design work, technical analysis, project management, testing ... It's a worthy one though. On my desk, right now, I've got three long documents printed out that I MUST absorb. One has been done in word, the other two in EN. I'm working through all three but am struggling for the two that lack the page numbers. I can live with the other issues in difference (heading, neatness of formatting) but get a few pages out of order and I'm pretty stuffed unless I start searching for that text in EN then recording the pages! At the moment my only workaround is to number those pages by hand. Very doable but pretty tedious. Until then it's that DB, Word, EN balancing act that will need to be performed. I could look into tablets with pens though I suppose and have a bash at that... I really loathe the paper thing and am open to ideas to do away with it once and for all!
  2. That sounds like a bug if the popup is persistent. Once that is cleared up, I don't imagine Work Chat will be in your way too much. I haven't needed to share anything since Work Chat was released, so honestly, I don't even notice that it is there. I have yet to see it interfere with my workflow (popups aside). A lot of people are complaining about WC and want it disabled, but none seem to be able to clearly articulate why they feel that way (other than saying "because I just do"). I'd be very interested to hear if/how Work Chat interferes with your flow (aside from popups, which are definitely frustrating) once your popup situation is resolved. I am definitely NOT dismissing your feelings! I am sincerely interested in understanding why people are so desperate to disable something that, to me, is barely noticeable. To articulate then.... MOST IMPORTANT: It's fundamentally become harder to share notes and notebooks rather than easier. My recipients have gone from being able to collaborate with me within seconds to calling me up and asking me what they are supposed to do with this chat thing.Another chat is not needed. I use iMessage, Text, What's app, Skype etc.It clutters Evernote. One of the strengths was that it was a clean, simple interface. Adding anything that take away from that reduces this experienceYou've replaced something very good with a much poorer UX. I.e. removing the simple way of emailing a note - something that just worked well with something that just isn't clear how it's workingIt forces people down a path which they neither need to go nor want to go. This approach simply alienates users.It's intrusive.It's neither fish nor fowl. Tech works best when a function is absolutely clear. In Work Chats bumpf it's described as 'kind of a chat way of sharing' (my translation of your words). Let sharing be sharing. Let chat be chat.Hope that helps. Please, please kill it and restore the ease of sharing that was there before for notes and notebooks. Email is old and not a great platform, but so universal, even my 80 year old technophobe friends can use it. They'll never ever be able to use Work Chat.
  3. I don't ever ... and I mean EVER post to Forums. I really should more! Why this time... because since Work Chat life for me and my very non-tech friends has become so much harder. Very very bad call on Evernote's part.
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