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  1. A brilliant thread - thank you all! Just to add my voice in here though, I would like to have all my stuff in one place. I know that Evernote isn't a Word Processor and don't want it to be. It does though have rich text capability, highlighting, underlining etc - just as this micro editor in this forum tool does. It's not trying to be a WP either - but these are useful tools within this context. At the moment I have my documents (hundreds of them), each hundreds of pages long - split between Dropbox (as word files) and Evernote. I started with the dropbox solution, sorting them hierachaly
  2. That sounds like a bug if the popup is persistent. Once that is cleared up, I don't imagine Work Chat will be in your way too much. I haven't needed to share anything since Work Chat was released, so honestly, I don't even notice that it is there. I have yet to see it interfere with my workflow (popups aside). A lot of people are complaining about WC and want it disabled, but none seem to be able to clearly articulate why they feel that way (other than saying "because I just do"). I'd be very interested to hear if/how Work Chat interferes with your flow (aside from popups, which are defin
  3. I don't ever ... and I mean EVER post to Forums. I really should more! Why this time... because since Work Chat life for me and my very non-tech friends has become so much harder. Very very bad call on Evernote's part.
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