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(Archived) youtube videos messing up my web clippings

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I only just recently noticed that a ton of my clipped articles are unusable for research. They all had a video in the article. Evernote displays a black box for the video and then the rest of the article just completely disappears.


Is this a known issue? I'm on Windows but I saw it in the online view also. Really frustrated right now. I tried reclipping some of the articles but the uploaded clip comes out the same so whatever caused the problem is still in the clipper.


For instance, this article comes out looking like the attached image. The black box goes on for a while and then the note ends. If I go in and delete the black box the rest of the information shows...i.e. the full article is there, it's just behind the black box.




p.s. I posted this in the wrong forum, I meant to put it in the web clipper area


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Hi. Thanks for reporting. I get the same result when I clip using Chrome on the Mac. If anyone else wants to try, the site is below:



This would seem to be a bug in Evernote's clippers. One solution would be to select the simplified version of the page (the second option on mine in Chrome -- My interface is in Japanese, so I don't know what the exact wording would be in English). It will look like this:


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