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(Archived) Clipping from websites

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Sorry, but I'm trying to get a handle on how things work when adding notes from websites via the firefox plugin vs. the bookmarklet.

First, for the plugin, it seems there aren't any ways to change settings for this one. When I first was clicking it on a web page, it would prompt me if I hadn't selected anything whether I wanted to make the whole page a note, but I checked the box that said not to ask that question, and it doesn't seem like I can get that back. But I guess the only point of it is to essentially warn you that you are going to clip the whole page. The page seems to go to my local database for my desktop client and will then be synced later?

(speaking of synchign I'm a little unclear about how EN does sync. My Windows desktop client currently says that the next sync will be in about 45 minutes, but does that change if I create notes within the desktop client? IE, will it push stuff out to EN's server's on a much shorter basis than it polls them to see if there's anything new to download? 45 minutes seems like a long time. I know you can sync on demand, and this is probably to minimize traffic to your servers, but it might be nice to have a setting somewhere to set this at least a little shorter? Maybe you could even offer shorter auto sync intervals to premium users?)

I also installed the bookmarklet, which, as I would expect, sends stuff directly to EN's server's rather than to my local database, right? The one thing that I find interesting is that you all these options with the bookmarklet whereas the plugin just plops the page or clipping in your local database and then you need to go edit it. It does pop up that toolbar, but my suggestion would be to offer similar fields as the bookmarklet so that you can add tags, description, etc. and also have the choice as marking it as just a bookmark rather than a clipping of the entire page.

Speaking of that latter feature, I do like it. I've been wondering how to just bookmark url's into EN like I did with Delicious and this seems to work. The only problem is that it doesn't provide an easy link to the page on the website. In the desktop client it's easy enough to see the url in the header and click on the icon next to it to open it up, but on the web page, you have to take the extra step of hitting the arrow next to Note Attributes to expand them and THEN click on the url... uh, wait, I just saw I can click on "Go To Source" without clicking. Not quite as obvious as seeing the link in front of you, but ok, that works!

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Yes, the native plug-ins will create notes directly in the native client application on your computer. This note will then go up to the service the next time you sync.

The Javascript-only "bookmarklet" will clip notes directly to the web service. If you are running native clients on any of your computers, you will need to sync them to pull the clipped note down from the service.

In both cases, you would normally select the portion of the page you want to clip first, and then hit the button to clip that part of the page.

If you don't select anything, you can clip the entire page, but that usually dumps way too much junk into your notes due to the amount of extra stuff littered around modern web pages. I almost always select my desired content first.

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