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(Archived) Evernote spoke design philosophy and use case

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My most used notes are about 5 that I'm appending information to all the time with my phone, mac, or pc. When I append information to one of these notes via desktop it appears that it's conflicting with that same note on my phone. That particular note isn't even open on my phone, do I need to close Evernote completely every time I use it when syncing on desktop to avoid this?


I never append new information to the top or the bottom of these main notes from my phone (I append new info to relevant sections in a note) or desktop, so when there is a conflicting change it's a real pain to figure out what new information was added. Shouldn't there be a way to only view newly added text in the conflicted note?


I don't expect Evernote to act like simplenote, obviously more complex I just wish there were seamless appending because this is seriously time-consuming. Maybe appending is just something I need to reconsider. Please discuss

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This is a known scenario, it's not handled, and yes, you need to be careful when editing the same note on different devices. You shouldn't need to shut down, but you should sync before you switch to another device. I'm guessing you'll find plenty of discussion (if that's what you're looking for) if you search the forums for "Note Conflict"

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