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(Archived) Does Evernote read support requests from non-premium users?

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I sent a support request forever ago because I've never been able to see any notes from my phone. I was very detailed about the problem but I didn't even get a 'received' notification, let alone a response. So, do you have to have a premium account to get your support inquiries read, or do they go straight to Evernote's trash can?


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We read all support requests, and reply to Premium accounts within one business day. This doesn't mean that we can fix every problem instantly. In particular, my guess is that you are using a non-standard iPhone configuration such as a Jailbroken or 3.0 beta phone. We've received reports about these, but we are unable to fix every problem through the support queue.

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All support requests should get a response - first an auto-reply and then a human one.

Premium users get one within one business day. Free users get one as time permits, after all Premium users have been handled.

If you have received neither an auto-reply nor a human response and it has been a significant amount of time (more than a week is extremely unusual), please send your request again, as we didn't get it.

And please make sure you select "Support" and not "Product Suggestions", "Parternships", etc. from the pull-down.

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I did some searches in our support ticket system for your email address and Evernote username, and don't see any records. If you didn't receive the automatic reply email right after you submitted the support request forum, then there must have been some sort of error. Were you using the link on the bottom of: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/ ?

If so, did you get some sort of "thanks" message in the browser after clicking "submit" on the support form, or do you recall getting any sort of error in the browser?


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