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(Archived) Bluetooth Keyboard Capitalization Issue


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Lately I've been running into an issue that frustrates me to no end. I pair a Minisuit Bluetooth keyboard to my Google Nexus 7 tablet when I want to use Evernote to journal. It may have been due to the latest update but now whenever I use Shift+U to capitalize the "U", it toggles the underline formatting instead as if I were pressing CTRL+U. Similarly, if I use Shift+I to capitalize the "I", it toggles the italics formatting instead as if I were pressing CTRL+I. It does the same thing with the letter "B". I looked through all my keyboard settings in the app and in the settings on my tablet. I do not have this issue on any other apps that I use as word processors. I am very upset about this because I've been using Evernote to journal and for schoolwork for a long time now and this issue prevents me from continuing to do so. In order to capitalize now I have to use the Caps Lock key which is too annoying to have to do. Is anyone else having this issue? Any recommendations?

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