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(Archived) How to copy and paste an excel table to Evernote presentation

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I am trying to prepare a presentation and haven't been able to import (or copy) tables from excel spreadsheets that I want to focus on, while presenting some bullet points.


I tried to go to excel, select the area I want to share, copy and then go to Evernote note, try to paste on different ways, and it didn't work. Can somebody help me out with this?





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Hi Bibiana,


I think you may have misinterpreted Gaz's question.


What we need to know is are you on Windows or Mac or other?


What version of Evernote and OS?


Are you using the software or web version of Evernote?


Best regards




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Hi Chris,


I am using the mac version, the software.

I am used to be able to copy and paste a table from excel and to plug it into word when creating presentations. The only way I could figure out to insert the tables on the format I had on excel was to use the command shift 4 option that mac offers to take a picture of a designated area. 


I am still open to other more simple options that capture the table format.


Thank you,



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