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(Archived) Is there a way to NOT default to hyperlinked email address?



Hello! Fairly new Evernote user here. I looked and couldn't find any previous topics on this.


I have a large list of email addresses that I want to include in a note - pasting it over from another application. Evernote hyperlinks each address when I paste the list. Is there a way to turn off the default setting that hyperlinks each email address?



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..and a Windows thing too;  I think most applications will create a "mailto:" link by default to allow you to use the address.  Is there a special reason you prefer not to have the link?  Copy and pasting from the note into a text editor will rermove the link again if you need to use that list elsewhere.  If you have a word processor that won't create the link and can output to PDF you could put your list into an attachment to a note - some experiment may be required to find the most effective method...

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Hi, thanks to you both. The reason I don't want a link there is because its a list of a bunch of email addresses, and I don't want to accidentally hit one, which would open up my email client, which then I would have to close. I'm using the particular note as a "notepad" for a project I am working on, so its generally always open in a window on my screen.  I guess I can live with the hyperlinks, but I'd rather not have them (and I would never actually email from there).

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