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(Archived) Images pasted from the internet

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Hi, I am an art teacher using Evernote with about 300 pupils in secondary education to document their process.

One problem that crops up regularly is that images that students paste from the web as inspiration show up in my account as blue question marks.

I have opened and shared all the notebooks from a premium account on a mac and the children use a variety of different home computers and mobile devices, mostly finding their own way to use Evernote. 

Is there any general advice that I can give my pupils so that I can see the images that they post in their shared notebooks?

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I'll spare you the homily about testing a collaborative system with one or two shares before rolling it out big time - there are so many variable here that it's difficult to know where to start.  If you've not already started a support ticket on this,  please do so (see below).  If you're clipping big images I guess the upload from their home system to the server might take some time - also images can be shown in Flash or other specialised gallery formats that may not clip well.  Can you see the URL of the original page?  You should be able to jump directly to the original image from the note.  If you can feed back to Support on which pages are causing the problem,  they may be able to come up with the answer..


Meantime here's a starter suggestion list for your students - 


  1. clip the image(s) - make sure you can see the picture in your note - and then sync manually
  2. give your device enough time to sync the note back to the server;  leave it connected as long as possible
  3. always check the size of the file - use a smaller picture if you can
  4. copy the url into your note too in case it's not picked up
  5. if you have any problems or error messages,  copy those into the note
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Thanks Gazumped!

I'm glad that you skipped the homily - I did try the system out with 20 children over 3 months before starting to use it with all my students. The problems outweighed the benefits, but these two issues are persisting.

I will try out your suggestions for a few days and then open a support ticket if the problems persist.

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