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  1. Thank you, but as DTLow says, it is the distribution that i am trying to simplify, and as there is already a stack.... Ultimately I would like to open 'notes', 'copy to notebook' and be able to check multiple notebooks from the list that comes up, for example by holding down ctrl or shift.
  2. Thanks DTLow! I'm leaving for the day now but will give this a try when I get to work tomorrow. I don't understand what you mean by 'no qualification on Notebooks'. Is it not strange that this is not included in Evernote as standard? As educators, giving out information to a class is 'everyday'! I guess that having one notebook for general information that I then share with everyone might be a plan. How many people can share one notebook? Back tomorrow...
  3. I have never done any scripting. What does that entail?
  4. I have used Evernote for a few years as portfolios and for giving feedback. I have two 'Plus' accounts as I have set up a notebook for each of my 300+ students.These are shared with them individually via email address. This works fine for them to send work to me, and me to give individual feedback. It doesn't however work as well if i want to get the same information in form of a note to a whole class or year group, as I have to 'copy to notebook' for each individual student - up to 90 of them. I collect my notebooks into stacks for each class and would love to be able to copy
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