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(Archived) Feedback: Dislike Recent Changes to Evernote Clearly Plugin (Chrome/OSX)

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I was a huge fan of Evernote Clearly when I first encountered it. It seemed like a one stop plugin for everything I wanted to do with Evernote. I could easily crop distractions out of a page I wanted to archive for reference. I could give it a title. I could tag it. All in one quick interface. This plugin was really what first got me started using Evernote on a regular/increasing base. (To the point where I switched primary browsers to Chrome and was giving serious consideration to a Premium Evernote account.)


Now much of what I liked about this plugin seems to be gone. I don't seem to be able to control what gets cropped and what doesn't. I don't see an easy way to set a title while capturing a web page.


I also seem to be getting errors where when I try to capture a PDF, I get a link to the PDF instead of the document itself (if I trusted the provider to leave it where I found it, I wouldn't need to clip it into Evernote).


I also want to leave feedback that I am annoyed with the feedback mechanism. I don't really want to start a public thread. I just wanted to provide you with a little bit of feedback on what I like and don't like about the product. This will be the first and last public post I will leave here. If you want to capture feedback, I hope you will provide a mechanism by which I can do so without sacrificing privacy. 

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It sounds like you're talking about the Web Clipper and not Clearly?

What OS & browser version are you using and what Web Clipper version number do you use?


You can control what gets clipped by:

- choosing different clip actions in the sidebar (article, full page, simplified article etc.)

- on the article preview frame you have a + and a - button that you can 'nudge' the article selection


To set/change title or tags:

- click the add tag or notebook item in the sidebar to open the filing dialog


PDF clipping behavior is unchanged (but requires having Adobe Reader installed if you are using Safari)


If you do not wish to discuss in public threads feel free to send a PM (personal message) directly to me. 

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