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(Archived) suggested format for recording interesting quotes?

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One of the things I love to record in Evernote is quotes. Like perhaps:

What's the use of being a genius if you can't use it as an excuse for being unemployed?

--Gerald Barzan

I use the tag "quotes". The body of the quote (including the person, book, tv show, whatever) goes in the body.

What do I put in the subject? Something needs to show up there. Sometimes I use the author (repetition), sometimes a bit of the quote (repetition)... but there are so many variations that it's always different. Some things have no authors, some no source. ARG!

Anyone have any ideas what to use for a subject? Thanks!

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I use the quote itself as a subject, and keep them under the 'quotes' tag.

I don't need to store additional info (source, etc.) with the quote itself - as it is typically easier to google the quote to retrieve immediately such info.

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I don't like putting the quote in the subject since it doesn't allow multiple lines or formatting, and is limited to 256 characters (at least on the Macintosh client). I still don't have a great format, but for now I'm putting the Author in the subject and the quote in the body. Maybe I could add a pithy one or two word wrap up in the subject so that all the author lines don't look the same.

subject: Michael Crichton -- strong opinions

tag: quotes

source: http://itc.conversationsnetwork.org/sho ... l3928.html


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Anyone have any ideas what to use for a subject? Thanks!

If you are referring to "subject", you don't have to have one. I have several notes that have no subject. Well, they kind of do, since EN defaults . :o Of course a title is helpful when your search has rendered multiple results & you're looking at a note list. But it's not a requirement.

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