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  1. If you are not going to return the delete button to the sidebar, then at least make it an option that you can add to the tool bar in the actual note view. At the moment, you can do only precious little with the customization.
  2. In previous versions, there was a handy trash icon in the list view sidebar. This made it very easy to delete unwanted notes. Then you moved it to the toolbar above the note contents. Still fairly useful. But now you have removed the trash icon altogether, making it more laborious to delete unwanted notes. This must have been a recent change, as your own quick start guide for Mac shows a trash icon in the note view toolbar. Please bring it back!
  3. Every time I open a web page in Chrome that contains a form, and type the letter 'e', Evernote Helper grabs the keystroke and launches a new note in Evernote. I don't even have any keystroke shortcuts set up for Evernote Helper. Please fix this bug - it makes it very difficult to do anything with Chrome.
  4. I'm as unhappy as the next user, but check the sticky forum topic.... there's now a beta release that deals with the prefix bug. I just downloaded it and installed it on my Nexus One, and I can once again read my notes on my Android device. Nice to see progress.
  5. Thank you! I just tested the beta and I can indeed open notes created on my Mac. This is a big relief, since using the web version of Evernote on a small-screen Android phone is not much fun. I can live with the other issues until you get the release finished.
  6. I suspect that Evernote is concentrating on the iPad app right now, as the Android app is not being updated. It's UNUSABLE at this time. I don't care about new features, I just want the damn thing to work! I'm unable to view most of my notes on my Nexus One; it's the same old force-close bug that's existed for months. I'm forced to use the web version instead, which is a chore to use.
  7. With all due respect, that's not an acceptable workaround. And since all I use on the desktop is a Mac, this bug means that none of my notes are available to me on my Android phone.
  8. I uninstalled 1.3 before installing this 1.4B2. Took a snapshot note, app hung with a black screen. After a minute I got an option to force-close. Restarted app, tried again. this time the app was taken and included in a new not, but when I saved the note, the app hung again. Test run on Google Nexus One.
  9. Heather says: Ermm, I seem to have all my notes available off-line on the Evernote in my iPod Touch. And that is what makes the app useful. Recently I was on an airplane with my iPod Touch version of Evernote and was able to review all of my daily journal notes, edit a few of them, combine some others, add to a couple, and create a new one. when I fire up the Android version... nothing ! This initial version of Evernote for Android is exposed as being just a web app. Without internet access you have no data and no app. Your argument about saving users from large cellular bills is malarkey. Most smartphones have WiFi these days, and it's possible to sync even a very large database at zero cost. One of the reasons many of us are using Android is that WE want to be in control of what we are doing, not have some benevolent (or not-so benevolent) dictator tell us what we can do. Thanks for your interest in my data bill, but I want to decide when and what to sync. Speaking as a Premium subscriber, here is my suggestion: please add the following options to the Evernote for Android settings: Sync via WiFi only Sync via WiFi and Cellular Amount to sync: [10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, all] most recent notes
  10. Snapshot works fine for me on the HTC Magic running the RAV 1.62 Donut ROM, recording at 1024x768 and using the trackball to snap the picture.
  11. I deleted a note in 1.1B6 and the app force-closed. Details: Rogers HTC Magic (32A) running 1.6 Donut. The deleted note had a ~150kb .apk file attached to it. I have 882 notes in my Premium account.
  12. The demise of http://tr.im and related http://pic.im makes me realize the fickle nature of free web services. I've posted a ton of pictures using pic.im, and within a short while they will all disappear. I'm looking for alternatives, and thinking that my premium Evernote account, or a paid Flickr account, might be just a little more reliable in the long term. I could just start posting all my pictures and links to a public Evernote notebook. But how to let others know of each post? Presently, I have to share an ugly, long URL to my post which is impossible, for example, to tweet (without using some other URL shortener service like bit.ly. So here's my request: Evernote, please provide a URL shortener service for Premium members to use on their public notebooks. If you message me privately, I have some domain-name ideas to use for such a service. I would love to be able to share this: http://evernote.com/E123z instead of this: http://www.evernote.com/pub/midtoad/Pub ... 6426d71d71 thanks S
  13. +1 on intra-Evernote links, except in my case I would be delighted to have links within a single Evernote note. I've got one note that is a list of many items from A to Z. I'd like to, say, click on 'E' and jump down to the part of the note that contains all of the 'E' items.
  14. I set up my account on my iPod Touch and couldn't get a reply from the preview.evernote.com server. Then I set up an identical account using Thunderbird on my WinXP desktop and I was able to get a (slow) response from the server. Looking forward to testing this out once it's working a little better. thanks. Update: I just tried again to fetch the mail with my Touch and after a long delay, there are my Evernotes! Perhaps the only issue is that the server being used for this alpha feature is not powerful enough to keep up with demand. ... 2 min. later: ... when I tried to open an Evernote containing an image, the server timed out.
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