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(Archived) Cant see annotations while I make them


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I have a pdf in Evernote. I click on the markup icon. It opens for markup just fine. I draw an arrow, but can't see that arrow in the main window, but CAN see it on the thumbnail of the page!


Close the markup window, and there are my arrows just fine. Open it again, and I still can't see them.


Right click and open in Skitch instead, and it's fine, but not synced back to the same note, obviously.


Because of the "can't save from Skitch" bug, I can't for the life of me work out what's happening to the (now new) note that syncs back from Skitch; it's appearing, but minus a lot of the annotations.


If it does manage to sync (because eventually it did with no error), all the annotations are there in Evernote, BUT as at the beginning, I can't see them if I try to annotate within Evernote! As before, they're there in the sidebar, but not in the main markup window.

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 31 Oct 13, 13.17.57.pdf

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@Southdowns - I'd appreciate if you can repeat issues contained to the same thread that you're already participating in as it makes it hard to keep track of where the conversation is moving. If it's a new issues please start a new thread, but if its old (problems saving) please keep any updates there.


In regards to the "drawing annotations, but only seeing them in thumbnails" as I stated in this thread: "If you are opening PDFs in Evernote and then opening in Skitch and on the first open not seeing annotations showing while you're drawing them, but either they show as thumbnails or on a subsequent save/open, then you are hitting a PDF bug in OS X 10.9. We filed a bug with Apple and they are aware of the issue and working on a fix for it, but it is inherent to the way OS X renders PDFs. We have implemented several workarounds, but they are not fixes for the bug."

Unfortunately our workarounds are not bullet proof, as this is an underlying OS X issue that Apple needs to fix. They assure us they are already working on the problem and are trying to get the fix into a future Mavericks update. 
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This is a new issue (to me), the save bug is only mentioned because it prevents me from being completely sure about what's going on between the two apps.


I did see that thread, but it didn't seem relevant (though related), because it talks about seeing the problem in Skitch, not in Evernote markup, which is where I'm seeing it.


Also, it's not just on the first open; it's always.

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Please check the latest 5.4.2 client to see if it resolves your Evernote issue. We just posted a fix for some PDF issues into that client.


The OS X issue is present in both Skitch and Evernote since it is an OS level issues and impacts both apps. That issue has to do specifically with Mavericks's PDF engine.


Finally is this a read only PDF? If so, then the security settings are what's preventing you from saving. We need better notification that it's a read only PDF and we can't alter it. We're getting that into the next release. 

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Does anyone know if this has been fixed? I can't see my annotations as I make them and I can't find a workaround without making copies. Southdowns mentioned an update fixing the problem, but it hasn't resolved for me even though I'm up-do-date with everything.

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