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  1. Yes I've been busy as well; too busy to spend time producing documents useful to the discussion, only to have them ignored for almost three months. All it needed was a brief "I'm busy at the moment, can we re-convene after Christmas" in response to my PM of 17th November, and all would have been good. Anyway, water under the bridge as they say, and I look forward to continuing the discussion by other means
  2. My God, that emoticon icon is hideous! Why don't you just employ Comic Sans as your UI font while you're at it? So, yet another major point release with nothing of any use new. When will you return to implementing the basic solid features that are needed to make this the truly useful app it used to be? Emoticons but no fill tool, no choice but to select when you touch an existing object, no transparency, no library, etc etc etc (you have the list). Are we witnessing the transformation of Skitch from tool to toy?
  3. Thanks for that, but I'm afraid it's not his schedule. I think I've been far more than patient here, but the PM thread was started by Joe on 5th October, he last posted to it (with a question, so he clearly didn't intend it to be over), on 17th October, and I sent him a reminder PM on 17th November. Yes there have been other discussions on here, and he's replied to some and not others, but any frustration I've shown in those comes largely from Joe's lack of response to the much more detailed PM discussion. I'm afraid I've found support to be pretty useless in the past. They may be OK if you have a specific technical issue, but they're not interested in more general user feedback. They simply apply the standard corporate, cut and paste, "we've passed it on" approach that seems to be the norm these days, unless you're lucky enough to be dealing with a small developer. There is no sense at all in which they take any ownership, which is why it was encouraging when Joe at first appeared to be listening, and so disappointing when he reverted to type
  4. These are both fundamental design issues with Skitch that didn't exist in V1, and which I've been trying to get them to recognise, with little success. They appear to have some kind of clever intended purpose for Skitch which they won't share with us, but which doesn't include a need for several of the basic sketching tools you'd expect to see! To be clear, in your case that's the lack of a fill tool, and the fact that you can't turn off auto-select so you can draw on top of other objects (or even just start a new line where the last one ended).
  5. So, Joe starts a PM discussion with me, clearly wanting to hear my feedback (he asks specific questions), I spend considerable time providing reasoned answers to those questions, including producing a document that illustrates them, and then - nothing. I've done him the courtesy of reminding him gently a few times, both here and by PM, and in response to one of those reminders he gave an excuse and said he'd attend to it. The other reminders were ignored, and still, months later, nothing. If my feedback had been a rant, I'd understand, but it wasn't. If he'd answered it, even negatively, I'd understand, but he hasn't. If it had been unsolicited, I'd understand (just), but it wasn't. If I'd spent only a negligible amount of time on it, I'd let it go, but I didn't. Is there some sort of massive problem with the forum software that's stopping him seeing PM's, or is Joe simply too discourteous to reply to discussions he's started, or to ask a colleague to? To be fair and clear, Joe DID respond initially, but only to interim answers, and to ask further questions. He knew I was spending time producing the document, knew it would answer some of his questions, knew it would illustrate my points, AND said that he'd reply. To be even clearer, I'm only putting this in the open forum because I'm getting no reply to PM's, and have given Joe a very long time to reply, thinking there might be more immediate issues for him to deal with, and even that Thanksgiving and/or Christmas might cause delay. I'm not after special treatment or instant responses, just common courtesy.
  6. Of course there isn't one of those either; an eraser.
  7. This bit was unfair as you CAN use mark-up in Evernote on the iPad. However, earlier Joe said: "We're still trying to judge how many people want Skitch to do PDF annotations vs. using Markup in Evernote." Everyone who has no use for Evernote I'd assume, me included. You keep removing stuff from Skitch with the apparent justification that it's bloat to keep it in if only some people's workflow will be destroyed, yet are wondering whether to just leave pdf markup in Evernote and not Skitch? There can be no greater bloat than having to have the whole of Evernote, including a pro account, just to be able to mark up pdf's using Skitch tools. Can I please just have and pay for a fully functional Skitch. If you then want to take that technology and integrate it into Evernote, great, and I'm sure Evernote fans will love it, but there must be a huge market out there consisting of people who don't like and can't use everything buckets, like me.
  8. @Joe, yes, the update appears to have fixed it so far, thanks. No, it's not a read only pdf.
  9. By the way, I meant to say that I understand you can't do everything at once, so if you're being pulled in two directions (fill vs shadows for example), something's got to give. So please stop wasting time playing with the UI and removing stuff, calling that a major upgrade, and concentrate on getting as many of the desired features in as possible. I'll live with a few rough edges if it means I can have stuff that's actually useful.
  10. What I'm trying to say Joe is that I prefer developers who make their own decisions. Those that say, for example, that in order to be the best visual communication tool out there, we need a fill tool, even if only 4% of our users know they need it at the moment; the rest will come to love it. I'd expect any developer to be able to listen to just one well reasoned plea for a given feature, and say "you know what, that's a damn fine idea, and doesn't get in the way of anything else we offer, so lets do it even though we've just had the one request". THAT is how you produce software that pleasantly surprises people, which in turn gets them talking about it, whereas the only surprises we get from Skitch in my experience are of the "where the hell has that gone" type. Skitch new releases are a constant source of frustration, whereas they should and could be a constant source of delight. Can you honestly tell me that separating colour and width settings while removing pdf markup and the library is likely to delight anybody? Do you honestly think that is worth a full version jump, even if it did add Mavericks compatibility as we should all expect anyway? I don't know about others, but I don't want a full drawing tool; I want to be able to sketch in as advanced a way as is necessary to communicate visually, in the least time and with the least effort possible That means having a full complement of appropriate tools to hand, even those I only touch once a month. I'm very very aware of when full drawing programmes become appropriate (engineering drawing in my case), and it is NOT for the sort of stuff I use Skitch for. Honestly Joe, despite everything you've said, all of which I can promise you I've read carefully and thought about, I can't for the life of me see what it is that you DO want Skitch to be if it's not a cross platform, multi-page pdf compatible, Evernote integrated version of what we had in Skitch 1? I still think you fail to understand just how perfect that was for it's intended purpose, and how much of it's been lost, even if it was single platform, and even if some bad monetisation decisions were made along the way.
  11. Joe, from your own announcement at the top of this thread: Skitch iOS 3.0 is iOS 7 only and takes advantage of new iOS 7 featuresA new brand and look for SkitchWe've added a streamlined mode that lets you take a snap make quick common annotations and send it alongWe've redesigned the flow so you only need to login when you save to EvernoteYou can now open pictures from your local photo roll, stream, or from your clipboardNew toolbar design that lets you focus on your content. Drag your fingers along the menus to use Skitch with one handAdd captions to help explain your imageSend to meeting attendees. Skitch detects what meetings your in and lets you send annotations to attendees.Tons of bug fixesWhere in there does it say anything at all about removing stuff that people rely on? Add to that auto update in iOS and the fact that people simply don't expect key features to be removed, and it's just plain unacceptable. The library removal (I don't know when that was done, but it was), is a complete and utter train wreck. It turns out that once I've created something in Skitch, there is no way at all to go back to it on my iPad to edit it UNLESS I remember to save it to my camera roll. It wouldn't be quite so bad, though not far off, if it at least saved to the camera roll by default, whereas in fact it's a manual export function. A key, absolutely core feature of the iPad is that documents belong to apps, so that's where you expect to find them. There IS NO NEED FOR A SAVE PROCESS in any other app I've ever come across. You have single handedly broken that, and added no benefit at all in return. Yes I can save to Evernote, but that's no damn good because I can't then get the doc out of Evernote on my iPad to edit it. If I had access to a laptop, I wouldn't need an iPad, would I.
  12. Hi southdowns, There is definitely an issue with the PDF that you are trying to annotate. There is an issue with the table of offsets to objects in the file. The file's table is incorrect which is causing us to crash. You might want to find a different PDF file generator or notify someone about the issue with the software that you are using. In the meantime we have put in a workaround in Skitch to deal with this type of problem. Stay tuned for notification of availability of the fix. Thanks, Lestre But as I said, it's not my software these files were sent to me by a client, so I have no control over how they were made. Anyway, I'm glad you've managed to find the cause.
  13. Hi Joe, thanks for the reply. I still don't see how you know what people used to use in Skitch one before you took it over. You can tell from your data which tools people do use, but not which they would use if they existed. I don't see how you can argue that Skitch as it stands today isn't dumbed down compared to Skitch 1. It's slicker I agree, but as I've illustrated to you privately, it simply cannot do as good a job of sketching as it could before. That surely is the very definition of dumbing down? I'd take more tools over splitting the tool colour and width controls any day. It's nice to have separate controls back, but what's the point if the thing won't let me sketch what I want to sketch? I think you also need to explain "and also a decision that we're not a sketching tool, we're making Skitch". What the heck is Skitch for if it's not for sketching (the clue's in the name)? As far as I can see, it's for visual communication, and fills (or would fill, if only it were full featured), a very specific niche within that, between paper and CAD/Sketchup/image editing. You can call it marking up, or screen capture, or whatever you want, but at the end of the day people are taking some image, and sketching on it to communicate visually. And if it IS for that, it needs a full set of tools, plus removal of some of the things that get in the way, like it used to have. How do you define sketching if it's not what Skitch (nearly) does? And if the intended use for Skitch isn't somewhere along the spectrum of sketching use examples I've sent you (can I have a reply please), what on earth IS it for? What tool do you think I should be using? For clarrity, I'm not pleading for the old Skitch back - I like a lot of what you've done - what I want is a Skitch that I don't have to close every other time I try to use it because it simply can't do what I need; it gets in the way of what I'm trying to sketch, whereas it should be doing exactly the opposite.
  14. This is a new issue (to me), the save bug is only mentioned because it prevents me from being completely sure about what's going on between the two apps. I did see that thread, but it didn't seem relevant (though related), because it talks about seeing the problem in Skitch, not in Evernote markup, which is where I'm seeing it. Also, it's not just on the first open; it's always.
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