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(Archived) Copy, Paste, and Scrolling issues since Mavericks upgrade.



Since upgrading to Mavericks, I am no longer able to copy and paste in the same manner that I used to.


In the past, I could copy text that went beyond an Evernote window by pressing Command+C and using the trackpad to scroll up simultaneously.


Yet now, I am restrained to the top of the Evernote window, even though there is text beyond the top of the window.


I've had to downgrade to Version 3.2.0 in order to copy and paste large portions of text that may go beyond the Evernote window


It's not pretty, but Version 3.2.0 is the only version that I've found to be able to copy and paste as I used to and so desire.


It's simply too inconvenient to copy only sections of text at a time.


I should note however, that this is not an issue on the Evernote web extension, but still, it is much more desirable and convenient to use the actual Mac application than the web app.


I hope this issue is resolved as soon as possible.


Thank you.

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I’m not sure I understand the issue.

I tried the following:

1. Open a note which is larger than the screen size

2. Click where you want to start copying and drag to where you want to stop copying (even if it’s past the bottom of the window)

3. Press command-C


This correctly copies the text. Were you doing something different?

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Adjusting, step 2 is where the problem is.  When I drag it won't go beyond the screen size and down to the end of where I want to stop copying.  It just stops there. I've tried going bottom to top and top to bottom of the piece I want to copy, but if it's larger than what fits into the screen, it won't go beyond it.... I've had this problem since downloading Maverick as well....

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Thanks for you response and help.


The Mac App store is not offering any upgrades to that version.  I have 5.4.1 and it's not offering me an upgrade at the moment-- should I go directly to the Evernote download site?

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