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(Archived) Emailing in reminders

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Perhaps these have been covered somewhere, but I for one can't find it. I also don't know if these are feature requests, or requests for instructions, but here are two features I would like to see:


  • Local date formats. I personally would rather not have to use the format !yyyy/mm/dd, but this is not critical.
  • Times. It would be very useful to include a reminder time, so the format would probably be !yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm (or, of course, the local date format)


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Hi vurtual,

Date format:

I imagine the current structure of YYYY/MM/DD is necessary as it is a standard method of representing a date. I believe that this is the one that also plays the nicest with computer date structures. It may be possible to change what is accepted, but I don't know. I imagine it would involve a lot more checking and also converting to this structure.


I don't believe that you can set a time by email. I imagine it would be useful to have though, hopefully we may see it in the future some time.


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