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  1. I am using Penultimate on an iPad Mini 1 and an iPad 3. I find the drift speed is more or less always too fast, however quick or slow I write, so I am forever deleting words I have written because the down-stroke of, for example, a 'n' is miles away from the up-stroke, making it look like a 'u' or a mess, and I am unable to cross the 't' or dot the 'i' at the beginning of a long word like 'intricately' because it has disappeared of to the left. I think the issue is really that the acceleration is too eager - if the speed of a down stroke varies, it seems the quickest bit is picked up, and the screen will suddenly scroll quickly to the left.
  2. I am using the Jot Script with Penultimate, on an iPad Mini 1. I also use it on an iPad 3 from time to time. I get the same issue on both devices. Some wrist marks appear while I'm in zoom mode, but disappear when I zoom out. Some wrist marks appear that do not disappear. My assumption is that the wrist marks which disappear on zoom out are detected as errors, and those that don't disappear are not detected as errors. This leads me to two issues: Why are the marks detected as errors not removed until I zoom out? This leads to me forever zooming in and out to figure out whether I need to delete marks or not. Please update the app so that these marks are removed immediately. Why am I getting wrist marks anyway? The Script is connected, so surely I shouldn't be getting any?
  3. I haven't heard back from support, but a delete and reinstall of PN seems to have done it.
  4. Opened a support ticket - there is obviously an uploading problem.
  5. Absolutely, but I have been online for the whole time I have taken these notes. The notes I added to the iPad mini are lost from the iPad Mini this morning. I had it online, with Penultimate open for quite some time, although I only took a few notes, so I see no real reason why they wouldn't have synced. I opened Penultimate on the full size iPad last night to see no notes from the mini, kept it open for no more than a few seconds, and that appears to have overwritten the data from the mini. I have just done a little test. I took a line of notes on the mini, waited a few minutes, manually synced ENon the desktop, new notes were not there. Went to the "My Notebooks" page on PN (on the mini) saw the little network data wheel next to the wifi symbol spin for a bit;it stopped, so to me that suggests it has uploaded all it's data, manually synced the desktop, new notes were not there. It appears I have a problem with the mini uploading data to EN servers! ADDENDUM - notes created on the mini seem to be ok, for now anyway. It's just appending notes to large notes originally taken on the opriginal iPad.
  6. Hi, I have been using Penultimate on my full size iPad for a while. I recently ought an iPad mini, mainly for it's portability when note taking (weight is more appropriate for taking notes anywhere). However, it has exhibited some odd behavior. For example, when i appended some notes to an, admittedly largish notebook, when I closed and reopened the notebook, the last few sentences I had taken on the full size iPad had disappeared. I got round it by copying the new notes to the clipboard, clicking undo (which erased the new notes and brought up the old ones) and then pasting the new notes back. I am worried that I might miss something, or that there might be other odd behavior that causes problems which I don't detect until it's too late to do anything about. Can anyone on Evernote staff comment?
  7. This has been raised before, but the search wouldn't find it,so here goes again. Simple but vital request: Please match Evernote folders in Penultimate. I have work notebooks and personal notebooks etc in Penultimate, and it's trauma to scroll through them all. In Evernote, I have moved them all to relevant folders, but in penultimate, every notebook is separate. Why is it different? What is the design principle that says it works to have folders and subfoldesrs in Evernote, but not in Penultimate? Come on, seriously!!!
  8. Fine idea, but I would like to think I could access them anywhere if I needed to. What I really mean is have the notebooks still in Evernote, and retrievable within Penultimate, but not actually stored on the device.
  9. I'm beginning to be a bit concerned about the amount of data I have in Penultimate. Is there any archiving of old notebooks? Obviously, they are sitting on Evernote anyway, so do I really need to store everything on my iPad?
  10. @geoloser, i would just kill the Penultimate process (double tap home button, and swipe it up if you're on iOS7, or dobule tap home button and hold Penultimate icon until it wobbles, then click the cross). When you Load Penultiate again, it'll probably be a lot better, although it is dependant on the stylus you are using.
  11. Right, in all honesty, the zoom/drift function will probably evolve into something very useful. I'm forcing myself to use it, and it's growing on me. It has it's benefits - my handwriting certainly looks neater, and I can fit more on a page. However, here are a few suggestions to EN Devs to improve it to a point where it is is a really good function, plus reminders of a few ongoing problems. Remove pinch to zoom. That is causing issues for times when you don't wish to use zoom/drift. A button among the tools should suffice. By the way, here is a tip for everyone - put your tools on top (find that in settings). It stops you from palming through pages. User control over the amount of zoom - 150-300% should be enough. This could be a slider in the zoom display's toolbar. The current method of getting to the next line isn't great when taking quick notes, it's just not accessible enough with a stylus in your hand. It could (possibly) be automatic. Make any mark in the last, say 5% of the page's width, and then wait for 0.5 - 1 second without input (to allow i dots, t crosses and punctuation) then hop to the next line (this requires testing for the most natural delay). Alternatively, one of the other note taking apps - I honestly can't remember which - allows you to draw a sort of backwards L, down and then across to go to the next line. I liked that personally, and it worked well (same app allowed you to draw a right to left line through text to delete it quickly, which was great). Have another look at wrist protection. It's no longer working well for me in either zoomed in or out mode, and sounds like I'm not alone There seems to be a sensitivity issue with Paste in zoomed out mode (not even sure you can do it in zoomed in mode...?). Please look at that. Please, please, please, make Penultimate match ENs folder structure! It takes too much time to find the right workbook sometimes
  12. The zoom and drift thing is awful!!! I am personally really annoyed about it. There must be a way to turn it off, surely? Here are the problems: Zooms in too much, and there's no control. This level of zoom might be ok for some (it's 300-400%) but we have to have control if it's going to be this much. Where's my overview of the page while I'm writing? Nowhere!!! How big do I have to write my letters? HUGE! Drift is ok for me, unless I make a mistake, in which case, how do I go back to an earlier point in the line? Wouldn't be such a problem if the zoom was around 150%! It tries to go into zoom mode when you don't want to. If I don't want to go into zoom mode, normal writing shouldn't try and put me there, but it does. there needs to be a dedicated button in the tool bar.Please improve or roll back this update ASAP, it is destroying my productivity! Edit, my point 2 is redundant - two finger scrolling (although with pen in hand this is a bit unnatural)
  13. Evernote does it, Penultimate is Evernote... what's going wrong? Ideally, Penultimate should be like an optional extra in Evernote for iPad (kind of like Skitch, but that should be optional too, to save the app being bloated where it's not needed) then this wouldn't be a problem anymore.
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