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  1. I am using Penultimate on an iPad Mini 1 and an iPad 3. I find the drift speed is more or less always too fast, however quick or slow I write, so I am forever deleting words I have written because the down-stroke of, for example, a 'n' is miles away from the up-stroke, making it look like a 'u' or a mess, and I am unable to cross the 't' or dot the 'i' at the beginning of a long word like 'intricately' because it has disappeared of to the left. I think the issue is really that the acceleration is too eager - if the speed of a down stroke varies, it seems the quickest bit is picked up, and t
  2. You can screenshot it and use it as a paper, but it's not great because penultimate fades the original. This is a sorely missing feature.
  3. PDF would be good as Paper too - for reuseable forms.
  4. In a seperate post, someone has mentioned audio recording. Synced audio recording would be very useful when reviewing meeting notes. There's an app, AudioNote which handles it very well, except its wrist protection is a slide up job, which is no good if you're quickly filling up a page (write three lines then slide the slider down a bit then write three lines, anyone fancy that?), plus it doesn't have the Evernote integration.
  5. I have raised these elsewhere, but just spotted this post: Tagging!!! You definitely need to be able to tag natively in Penultimate - why have to go to Evernote to do it? And if there's no tagging, what's the point of syncing to Evernote? Ideally, you should be able to tag a notebook and/or a page Select the Evernote folder for individual notebook on a per notebook basis. Again, why have to go to Evernote to do this? It's just another step. These folders should apply to Penultimate too, so the home page shows any Evernote folder which has a Penultimate note in, allowing me to quickly find th
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