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Place the clipper in the Safari toolbar



Like so many others I struggled for quite some time in between other tasks to get the web clipper tool placed in the Safari toolbar.

Suddenly it struck me that Evernote most likely was part of Safari's extensions, and it was. I went to the extensions box and searched for Evernote. When I found it I installed it and was taken to the clipper page. On that page I yet again clicked on the the box "Install clipper" and voila the symbol was in place in the safari tool bar. I am happy again as I was on the verge to go back and use Google.

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I tried so many times to install the evernote webclipper for Safari on my iPad. I have read a lot of comments on this forum and none of the solutions given worked. I am surprised this problem which seems to exist for more than a year is still not solved by evernote. Who can help me?

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Thank you. I dont understand this. On evernote's website one can still find a (dead?) link to download the webclipper for Safari. No warning that apple does not allow. Or am i wrong and have to do something else to make the webclipper work. Please tell me.

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I am sorry. I should have much more clear. I have the Maverick software, but I assume this will work at least in the previous IOS.

This is how you do it.


1. Go to Safari

2. Go to the word "Safari"  in the left upper corner of the toolbar to the right of the Apple.

3.Click on Safari Extensions

4. You will then enter the extension library

5. Click on "Productivity"

6. Scroll down the list until you find Evernote Clipper

7. Click Install

8. That will take you to Evernote

9. Proceed

10. The clipper symbol should appear in the toolbar.


You you don't find Safari Extensions because you have an older IOS, try Preferences. If you look at the toolbar in the box that appears you will find a blue symbol saying extensions. Click on that. At the bottom right it says "Get extensions". Repat the above from that point.


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