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(Archived) iPhone - various suggestions

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hello, and thanks for all your hard work, so far! we love our evernote!

• frequently evernote for iphone requires more tapping than is necessary. for example: after creating a voice note and hitting save, the title field should be focused, so we can immediately type a title. (and if a title isn't needed, tapping save will just circumvent the title, creating a note with the name, "untitled note," as it does now. (even better: let the user specify whether the title field or the text field should be focused.)

• i'd love to be able to specify the default notebook for each type of notes (which, in my case -- for my frequent voice notes -- is always different from my "universal" default notebook). i want all voice notes to default to "notebook X," but all text notes to default to "notebook Y," etc.

• when specifying the notebook in which a note should be saved, why must we (a) select the notebook, then (B) also tap the "new note" button to return to the save page? since multiple selections do not apply on this page, after selecting the name of the notebook, the user should automatically be returned to the save page. what is accomplished by lingering on that page? (more unnecessary taps.)

• finally, after recording a voice note, upon tapping "cancel," the resulting 3 buttons are confusing:

1 - save

2 - don't save

3 - cancel

1- if one has just tapped "cancel" -- to cancel what was just recorded, what's the purpose of the "save" button? (i suppose it could be considered a safeguard, in case the user tapped "cancel" by mistake.)

2- "don't save" is clear.

3 - "cancel" is the most confusing button of the 3, because the user just tapped "cancel"! so, it could be argued that the user might expect this button to confirm the cancellation -- except that's not what this button does. instead, this button cancels the cancellation. as such, this button is mislabeled. it should be called "return to note," "back to note," or something similar that actually describes what this button really does. :-)

technically, since the "cancel" button returns the user to the save page -- where he or she can tap the original "save" button -- it makes button #1 (save) a bit redundant... except it does save 1 tap. :-)

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