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Skitch iOS 3.0.3 Released

Joe Lopez


Hey all,


This is a small update that brings a few bug fixes to you. We're working on a bigger release for 3.0.4, but wanted to get 3.0.3 out to you all since it contains fixes for some crashes, memory usage, and other things.


One thing we have done though is break undo when you share. Right now if you share a marked up image and then want to undo it won't work. That said the "Delete" button still works just fine, so you can delete the object instead of undo'ing it. We'll get that fixed in 3.0.4 as well.



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@davidbouck - Based on requests from users and from a rethinking of what we could potentially due with Maps, we're working to bring the feature back. The initial release will function very similar to the old method, but we will be working on some ideas for a improved feature in the future. 

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Hi Joe,


Yes, come to think of it the main reason I paid for the Premium account was to store all the maps I was creating. I don't need that kind of storage for anything else. So unless you're planning on putting maps back in soon can I have my money back? 

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