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Feature request: color coding in snippet view


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Option to add colors and/or icons to snippet views, either manually or based on set rules, e.g. based on tags. Shading could also be added based on priority level, such that saturated red is high priority, a pale red color, low priority.

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I was about to suggest that a possible workaround (since it seems unlikely that a rule-based coloring system is going to spring into view any time soon) might be to create a set of tags based on Unicode symbols like the following:  ★, ★, , etc. and use them to characterize your notes. Unfortunately I found out that they don't display in the Evernote V5 UI, at least on my work machine, so that may not be such a good idea currently. One thing that's cool about this system is that you can use them in search (e.g., the search 'tag:*' would return all notes tagged with 3 or more stars). Anyways, I've reported this problem in the Beta 5.03 topic here, so we'll see what turns up.

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