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(Archived) Organising tags

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Hi Everybody


This is my first post so forgive me if this has been brought up before. I am trying to organise my tags by creating parent and child tags. I have a lot of tags and it is very cumbersome dragging one tag at a time into a parent tag. I wish it was possible to select a number of tags, possibly using Ctrl Click, and moving them all to a parent tag at the same time.





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Don't organize them. Let them be "free range" tags. :)

I do a loose organization. I occasionally overload certain tags to apply to multiple situations, so there may be no unique spot in a hierarchy where a particular tag belongs. I just stick it into what seems to be the most likely spot and get on with my life. After a hundred or so tags, I stopped using the tag tree that much anyways. At this point I don't add new tags all that often, and when I do, I usually let them build up for a while, and do the occasional cleanup to move them into their final homes.
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I agree with the idea of not getting caught up in worrying about where to put the tags. The beauty for me, the reason I love Evernote is because I don't have to use any kind of hierarchy in order to use the program effectively. I use the search functions more than anything else to find what I need.

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