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(Archived) How do I get in touch with someone in product to give feedback?

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To evernote product + design


I am dying guys - I absolutely love skitch and you took away a lot of functionality I used all the time. I just upgraded to premium, and it was a horrible experience. Skitch kept jumping up and down, didn't upgrade even after trying several times. Finally I went to evernote and upgraded - it worked, but skitch still didn't know I upgraded. All in all - I want to give you my money - don't make it so hard :) 


Also, how do I turn the "Related Notes" feature off on evernote - it just popped up, and I wish I could minimize it. It keeps changing, and it's super annoying - won't let me focus on what I am typing - I can't bear to use evernote right now. I spent like 50 minutes trying to find a way to give you guys feedback - and I don't have time :( I don't usually rant on forums, and I looked really hard to find a private feedback link. Please please please remove this annoying thing from my account -


Please reach out to me if you want feedback from an evernote believer. 



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If you want help for specific features, it usually helps to call out which Evernote client you are using / referring to (e.g., Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, etc.).


If you have questions about the product, posting here is fine, and often other users will have an answer for you. Occasionally, Evernote staff chime in, too, but this is proimarily a user forum. If you want to contact Evernote directly, then you'd open a support request; see the link in my signature for that.

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