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(Archived) Evernote Automation (Importing, Changing Titles)

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I'm using two programs I wrote to streamline my Evernote processes.

  1. EnexFeeder is a Java program to convert ASCII text files into an ENEX file.  You can use this to convert a large file of notes (one note per line) into an ENEX file that can be imported easily.  This is useful if you take notes in flat text files, or have to import from some other source.
  2. EnexRetitler is a Java program to process ENEX files and replace the existing title with the beginning of the note content.  This is useful because Evernote mobile clients tend to use the title "Untitled Note" unless you explicitly add a title.  I prefer the beginning of the note, especially when I'm using the List view

Files and instructions can be found here.


You'll need Java, which most folks already have.  If you don't, you can get it here.

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