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  1. I agree that the title of the note should default to the beginning of the note content. Especially since the most useful view (the List View) relies heavily on the Title of the note. I wrote a program here to retitle a batch of notes (instructions at the link). You still have to export the notes, run the retitler, then import them. But if you've taken a lot of notes on your phone or tablet, this is the best way to convert them. I'd really love to have Evernote make this program obsolete by providing the default note titles on devices, the same way it does on the desktop.
  2. I'm using two programs I wrote to streamline my Evernote processes. EnexFeeder is a Java program to convert ASCII text files into an ENEX file. You can use this to convert a large file of notes (one note per line) into an ENEX file that can be imported easily. This is useful if you take notes in flat text files, or have to import from some other source. EnexRetitler is a Java program to process ENEX files and replace the existing title with the beginning of the note content. This is useful because Evernote mobile clients tend to use the title "Untitled Note" unless you explicitly add a title. I prefer the beginning of the note, especially when I'm using the List viewFiles and instructions can be found here. You'll need Java, which most folks already have. If you don't, you can get it here.
  3. My god. Nothing works here. Maybe I'm losing my mind. I didn't write post #3, but my name (jcolosi) is next to it. I posted a response to GrumpyMonkey. Among other things it said "It's sad to say, no one is doing that, so let's not do it either. I think there's an opportunity here." Then someone else replied, quoting what I said, and said it sounds like a good idea. But it's put my name (jcolosi) next to a post that quoted my post. And my post has disappeared. I mean someone has quoted text that no longer appears in the thread. It should look inconsistent. It is. I could delete this post, even though it's not mine. I give up.
  4. Against my better judgement, I post a couple screenshots describing the Evernote View option I'd like to see. I take text notes to help me write. Just text. And when I view those in "Snippet" mode I see this: You can see that the titles are redundant because it's just a truncated version of the next line. The date is not useful to me either. But the title and date are not features I can turn off in this mode (I think). Also, all the notes are displayed with the some vertical real estate, so some notes have a lot of white space, while others are truncated. This seems like visual style trumping utility. What I'd really like to see is something like this: This is somewhat less punctuated, but now I can read all of my notes, without the visual noise of redundant items or things I don't need to see. You could add some boldness or color, or change the horizontal lines in some way, but I think this layout serves me better. I have thousands of notes. I don't give them each a special title. I don't care about the date. So this is how I'd like to see them, just the notes. Would be great to provide some customization options to allow this spartan view. Considering iOS7, it may even be in vogue soon.
  5. Here is the Evernote activity log. I can't figure out how to attach anything to a post. I'm sure it's easy, but it isn't intuitive, at least for me... I'm using Chrome btw. 08:12:20 [4960] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=408:12:20 [4960] 0% Client updateCount=25047, server updateCount=2505108:12:20 [4960] 0% Retrieving list of changes from the server08:12:21 [4960] 0% * saved 1 sync chunks, updateCount=2505108:12:21 [4960] 0% Synchronizing 1 notebook08:12:21 [4960] 0% Creating local notebook "Food"08:12:21 [4960] 0% * guid={3FD7EBBE-C1F5-48E6-94FE-A9EF05819336}08:12:21 [4960] 33% Synchronizing 2 notes08:12:21 [4960] 33% Updating local note "...", resource count: 008:12:21 [4960] 33% * guid={FB8CEC2C-DC5D-4B0D-A21F-036F262444D9}08:12:21 [4960] 33% * Retrieving note content, length=480108:12:21 [4960] 33% * guid={fb8cec2c-dc5d-4b0d-a21f-036f262444d9}08:12:21 [4960] 67% Creating local note "Note", resource count: 008:12:21 [4960] 67% * guid={EFBB6C61-E623-4AE9-AEEC-398D4BE49D60}08:12:21 [4960] 67% * Retrieving note data, total size=21808:12:22 [4960] 100% * saved updateCount: 2505108:12:23 [4960] 0% Updating server items08:12:23 [4960] 0% Creating server notebook "Imported Notes"08:12:23 [4960] 0% * guid={1f449fa0-4c98-42de-8a52-c7ce4bfc30ab}08:12:23 [4960] 0% * updateCount: 25051 --> 25052 (1)08:12:23 [4960] 33% Updating server note "...", resource count: 008:12:23 [4960] 33% * guid={8f038f30-ddf2-4d02-9adb-f78a8373e8e5}08:12:24 [4960] 33% * updateCount: 25052 --> 2505308:12:24 [4960] 67% Creating server note "This note can be imported, but cannot...", resource count: 008:12:24 [4960] 67% EDAMUserException: errorCode=ENML_VALIDATION parameter="Document is invalid: no grammar found."08:12:24 [4960] 67% * saved updateCount: 2505308:12:25 [4960] 67% 1 item was not synchronized08:12:25 [4960] 67% * Note 5828, error: Document is invalid: no grammar found. (ENML_VALIDATION)08:12:25 [4960] 67% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 8s08:12:25 [4960] 67% * sent: 2.7KB, received: 339KB08:12:25 [4960] 67% * 5s (63%) spent in EDAM RPC08:13:57 [2568] Closed database: E:\Users\John\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases\jcolosi.exb (19.7MB +8.0KB)So I'm getting an "ENML validation" on the sync, but no validation error occurred on the import. Again, I've outlined in a previous post that the <note> in the ENEX file must contain the xml version and doctype tag. The big question I think is why this validation only happens on sync. It should happen on import as well. The import should be more strict than sync so you avoid this weird situation where a note has been imported, but cannot be synced.
  6. Maybe you can't attach a .ENEX file. I'll include the code here: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><!DOCTYPE en-export SYSTEM 'http://xml.evernote.com/pub/evernote-export.dtd'><en-export export-date='20130601T161849Z' application='Evernote/Windows' version='4.x'><note> <title>This note can be imported, but cannot be synced.</title> <content> <![CDATA[<en-note> This note can be imported into the Windows application, even though it does not have xml version and doctype within the CDATA. But the sync operation is more strict, and so the note winds up in a "Unsynced Notes" folder. Those notes cannot be synced because they lacked information on the original import. In a sense the import failed, but didn't inform the user. </en-note>]]> </content></note><note> <title>A note can be imported and synced.</title> <content> <![CDATA[<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><!DOCTYPE en-note SYSTEM 'http://xml.evernote.com/pub/enml2.dtd'><en-note> In order to be fully functional, a note must have the xml version and doctype in the CDATA. </en-note>]]> </content></note></en-export>
  7. Evernote outputs notes using an ENEX file format. When importing this format, it is possible for a note to be imported in a format that cannot be synced. In short, the note must have xml version in the CDATA. Notes that don't have this will be imported into the tool, but they will never be synced. It's a quiet failure. I've attached an example enex file. The file has two notes. The first can be imported, but will never sync. The second is in a proper format. The import processing should be _more_ strict that the sync processing. I'd prefer to have the import fail fast if there's an issue with the format, instead of accepting my input in a way that disables important features like sync. All of this was necessary because the link to the ATOM import has disappeared without explanation.
  8. Hello, I have the same issue. I take notes in a text file and I have a program that converts to ATOM format for upload. It just works better for me. I've been doing this for a couple years, but the import link (http://www.evernote.com/GoogleNotebooks.action) is now missing. I did the Google search, but most folks are pointing to the broken link, or this thread. Incidentally, and I mean no disrespect, but suggesting a Google search is poor advice for two reasons. 1. It's an easy answer. It's the first thing we all do, and if it works then we wouldn't be posting here. 2. It's impermanent. Folks may come to this thread in 3 years and have the same question. The search results you got in January 2013 will be different than I got today (June 2013) will be different than what someone will get in August of 2016. If you don't have an actual answer, I would suggest that you not post at all. You're just providing noise. I assume there's some economy on posts which rewards this behavior. That's too bad. Would love to be able to import text-based notes to Evernote. Any ideas.
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