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(Archived) Why the DB Message at Signin


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Seems like you have some additional files,  or maybe a database from 3.5 left on the system.  If you're happy that the 4x notes you have are a complete set of your data,  and you have no local notesbooks (that are not uploaded to Evernote's servers) you could

  1. sync everything one final time so the server copy is fully up to date
  2. exit Evernote completely
  3. backup your database(s) - just in case
  4. Revo uninstall Evernote 4x from your system
  5. check there are no other Evernote 3x files hanging around - if so,  delete;
  6. restart
  7. reinstall
  8. wait for your database to repopulate

If you're in any doubt about any of the procedures,  have a search around the forums - the reinstall thing has been described many (many) times before...

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There was a thread a while back, in which someone had this problem. They found out from support that this message is caused by a missing username.exe.bak file.

It appears that this is still the same today, and I can generate this message by deleting said file here.

Do you have any software that would delete the .bak files?

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