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Textever Pro

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Textever is Evernote plain text publishing tool with mutual sync. Main focus is on reediting your popular notes again again and again immediately after launch.



Pro Version: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id542597312



Textever Pro is a fast and easy app for adding and reediting plain Evernote notes. One tap to open, one tap to send. Quickly add checkboxes, photos, dates, times, tags and select notebooks.

Mutual synchronization and easy import of any Evernote note through UI or 'Textever' tag.

Text editing assisted with Clear/Undo/Redo and auto-save even in offline. Additional gestures help moving cursor and undo/redo. Select one of several notebook paper choices.

twitter: @gosubits

- Mutual Synchronization.
- Take and Attach multiple photos per note.
- Import existing Evernote notes.
- Discard (Hold Save button).
- Send your notes to Evernote quickly and sync back.
- Insert checkboxes and timestamps. 
- Passcode lock.
- Select and create Evernote notebooks/tags in place.
- Offline mode.
- Location support.
- TextExpander support.
- Auto-save.
- Paper choices. 
- Gestures: “Undo” and “Redo” with a two-finger swipe; move cursor with one finger swipe; Close/Open keyboard with one finger swipe.
- Queue posts when offline. 
- Queue indicator. 
- Quick launch for typing on the go, keyboard is up by default. 
- Font size options. 
- Hardware keyboard support.
- Redo/Undo/Clear Buttons. 
- Background sending. 
- 'Facebook', 'Twitter', 'Messages', 'AirPrint' support. 
- Delete or archive choices.
- Export tracking.
- URL Schemes: 



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I'm hoping @Abelon Dev (whose handle is similar to that of the "company" that make it) will articulate what makes this app special.

My track record says I'm quite adventurous at using new tools with Evernote - but I still don't know what this app's unique is.

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I have tried Textever (on iPad) and was not impressed.

  • The editing capabilities are pretty limited. Bullets and indentations are not available
  • Links cannot be created
  • All pictures are put at the end of the note
  • When downloading and editing existing notes created within Evernote the formatting is completely destroyed

I actually prefer Drafts and ByWord or in most cases Evernote itself.


However, an interesting feature is the possibilty to re-edit an existing note. I would consider using it if it had richer editing capabilities but why should I use it now when Evernote has even better editing capablities?


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I just started using Textever Pro and have been very impressed so far. I have used Drafts for years (and I like it), but Textever allows me to choose the notebook and title before I ever even save to Evernote. I'm sure there's a way to do this with Drafts, and I could email the note into Evernote (takes some time to remember the exact name of all my notebooks, so that's not a fun option but okay in a pinch). I wanted an easier way and I haven't had the time to tinker with figuring out how to do it with Drafts yet. Textever has been very easy for me to use, and I really like that.

Textever and Drafts both have their uses. I like them both, but Textever is keeping my inbox lean (which I really, really appreciate).

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Hi Kiwi Kevin,


I've added the water to my Evernote pump:) bullets and preserving indents how it is possible in frames of PLAIN text editor.


Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id542597312


All new features:

Textever 2.3 Pro has been released with many new functionality.
-Support TextExpander 2.3.1 
-Link capture (iOS7) 
-Evernote Reminders 
-Preserve indents on new line 
-Auto checkbox and bullets on new line 
-Support Chinese yinxiang.com Evernote server 
-Syncing edit cursor position 
-New themes 
-Command+S key (iOS7) 
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