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(Archived) Just won't launch on Win 7


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After 3 days it just started again, without explanation.

Would love to know what happened to avoid/solve future problems.



I was happily using Evernote when suddenly it crashed and now will not launch on Win 7.

I have tried:

have tried v502, v 4627927
have tried reinstall.
have tried clean reinstall.
have tried manually deleting all evernote from drives & registry.
have tried run as admin
have tried run in compatible mode.


But the most frustrating part is I have not received a reply from support for 3 days!


The 'Live Chat' has no one available.

I paid for Premium thinking this would raise some sort of support level but nothing.



If anyone has a solution, suggestion, or direct contact with anyone in Evernote I'd really appreciate it!




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Hmmn.  If you're happy for the moment I don't think its worth speculating on what might have caused the last problem.  Do have a look on the internet based Evernote - the web page - to make sure you can see all the notes you expect to see.  If so,  relax.  If not,  please post back here and we'll have a look.  The support system should work fairly quickly - you'll get a reference number within a few minutes,  and a response (weekdays,  US time) within a few days.  If you didn't get the reference,  send the details again.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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