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  1. I've made the switch to OneNote. there is a free program for the desktop which converts all your notes from the Evernote platform to OneNote, and respects your filing system and tags. It's not perfect (the notes are saved as screenshots) but was more than good enough for my purposes. onenote is essentially free, and has all the features Evernote are now charging for. It is also far better supported by Microsoft support than Evernote is by their support (as in evidence all across this site). Once you learn the differences and the strengths of OneNote is is at least equal if not better than Evernote. in hindsight I wish I'd made the switch earlier instead of wasting so much time trying to have Evernote fix such fundamental bugs, repeated software failures, and waiting on promised but never delivered features. i hope this post saves someone else the wait! My advise, make the change now.
  2. I absolutely think this should be added. Calling it a feature seems ridiculous! I am using evernote to organize and write a film, and definitely need page numbers! Seriously, a note taking app that can't print page numbers is just comically ridiculous!!!
  3. I've been experiencing the same problem over the past 2 days. But just now I FOUND A SOLUTION. From the error choose Details Go to each file listed and make any edit. The note will now sync. YAY!!
  4. i found a previously deleted shared notebook had reappeared. After deleting sync completed successfully.
  5. After 3 days it just started again, without explanation. Would love to know what happened to avoid/solve future problems. I was happily using Evernote when suddenly it crashed and now will not launch on Win 7. I have tried: have tried v502, v 4627927 have tried reinstall. have tried clean reinstall. have tried manually deleting all evernote from drives & registry. have tried run as admin have tried run in compatible mode. NOTHING WORKS! But the most frustrating part is I have not received a reply from support for 3 days! Nothing. The 'Live Chat' has no one available. I paid for Premium thinking this would raise some sort of support level but nothing. SO SO FRUSTRATED. If anyone has a solution, suggestion, or direct contact with anyone in Evernote I'd really appreciate it!
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