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(Archived) Data Templates?

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I insert into evernote a large amount of data that has the same structure so I spend a lot of time copy pasting. I have several "templates" that I use so it would be cool to have a feature where I could define the template and just hit it evertime I need it inserted where my cursor or doing ctrl+t instead of copy+Paste and hoping i didn't copy anything in the meen time.

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While that is cool it is way overboard for what I need since it is the only app I use that needs this type of feature.

if it isn't introduced that is ok, Just thought it could be useful and not some way out there edgecase that had no use inside of evernote.

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I would love to be able to use Evernote to hold my invoices:

i.e. create a note based on a pre-defined template with specified fields

could this not be acheived by allowing embedded objects ? - such as excel - so that we could copy & paste an object but still maintin calculations etc

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