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  1. I don't like the new send e-mail in v4, I really loved it in v3 where it open Outlook and compose a mail that you can edit. Now in this version I can't change sender e-mail and not even remove Evernote branding. Count me in for "remove branding in e-mail for premium"
  2. Hi all, Has an SAP consultant I use daily Evernote to track things, I started to create a small list of ABAP snippets and I would like to share you the link the shared notebook, feel free to add it to your Evernote. http://www.evernote.com/pub/funkelectric/abapsnippets I'm looking for more public shared notebook related to SAP, so if you have links, add it to this thread Best Regards.
  3. Thanks dvdmon, I'm testing RTM at the moment, with Gmail addon, and Offline Gears mode. I seen https://www.reqall.com/ too, who looks interesting with his Outlook plugin. Anyway, I will be really happy to if EN add a todo option (I use the todo checkboxes already but that's not really a todo ... )
  4. Hi, I'm now using Evernote as a premium user since 2 month, but I'm missing a good Todo functionality. Someone got some informations on a good Todo program (on windows), if possible with cloud sync and iphone support. Cheers
  5. Btw, I think a "easy" option for now is to add a bit more editing capabilities to the Clipper Drawing mode. Hope they will add it
  6. Thanks! Didn't know about this, it's better than nothing. Too bad it could not be done after screenshot is already in the note ... (well I can still screenshot the screenshot ). Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply, ok that's a solution, but not it's not very "smooth". Will wait to see if EN add this feature one day Btw, if someone got a link to a nice screenshot annotation program (like Skitch on the MAC) let me know ... (I don't want a full featured paint program or things like that.)
  8. Hi, Any plan to add screenshot/picture annotation like for exemple in "Skitch" ? I take a lot of screenshot using the EN Clipper, but it will be really amazing to be able to annotate the screenshots directly within Evernote. Cheers PS: Maybe that could be a premium feature only ;P Enrik
  9. I would like to have the possibility to create a new note and have evernote ask me wich template I would like to use. I've many notes who have the same "body".
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