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(Archived) Any recommendations of Shoeboxed with Evernote



Hi Everyone!


Having used Evernote for a while now, I am excited to move towards an all digital workflow. I currently have a Scansnap S1300 and have had fantastic results importing receipts and documents into Evernote. However I would like to import many other documents and don't have the time to spend sitting at my desk scanning everything in (a few thousand documents etc). Therefore I was looking for any recommendations from people using Shoeboxed with Evernote?


Is Shoeboxed any good at document scanning?


As an Evernote Premium user, I assume Evernote would be able to search within the documents?


Has anybody had any issues with importing documents from 'Scanning' places?


Is there a cheaper alternative? (I'm currently looking at $177/mth for 1000 documents)


Any further comments on their service?






Thanks in advance,









(FYI: www.shoeboxed.com.au)

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All due respect to Shoeboxed (of whom I've heard nothing bad) but if you're looking to spend several months worth of $177 on third party scanning,  I'd consider upgrading your current scanner and doing it yourself.  A ScanSnap could eat 1,000 documents in a day and OCR and Evernote them (wirelessly!) into the bargain.  Don't know what your local scanner prices are like,  but I'd be concerned about the transit risk of all my paper going back and forth...

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