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(Archived) sync issues

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So as a new evernote user I find it pretty frustrating that the sync function is pretty cruddy. Not only does it not sync most of the time but when it does it will choose the note with the least amount of information in it (ie., the one that I have not been working on) and sync that across the different iPad and PC notes meaning I lose a days work.  Gotta say, mixed with initial glitches around random scrolling I'm finding evernote to be really disappointing and not worth the trouble

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Sorry you're having such a bad experience,  but there's another 49,999,999 (or so) users out there who don't seem to be finding it quite so hard.  If you make a point of saving the note you've been working on,  then syncing the device,  then syncing another device,  does your note appear there?  Remember the note has to go to Evernote's servers,  then to your other device - it's not a direct transfer...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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