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(Archived) ios integration broken?


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@cacherjoe - Yes, with Skitch 3.0 we removed Evernote Sync and focused on just letting you capture, markup, and send to wherever you want, with one of the options being Evernote.


That said, Evernote for iOS, Mac, and Android all have Markup inside of them now. So if you want to re-annotate (or start from scratch for any image or PDF), you can simply open the item up for marking up inside of Evernote and gain access to all of Skitch's tools. 


We may bring back the ability to browse notes, without syncing, in the future. 

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I am new to Evernote and skitch but think I have both installed and set up. However, I cannot seem to get a note in Evernote to let me open up in skitch no matter what I do. The Note I have created shows as a skitch note on my Evernote screen but I have no options to use skitch. If I open skitch instead, the only thing I can view is my camera roll - only have about 35 photos. Hope you can help me

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@mercysawme - I assume you're trying to annotate an image that you see in Evernote? You can simply tap that image and then look for the Markup icon (arrow, text, & stamp) and then you can Markup the image (or edit).

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