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  1. You don't have to do the "send-to". You can set Evernote to look to a specific folder for changes. My all-in-one won't scan to a network location like you suggest and I have to use the app that comes with the scanner. No big deal. I scan to a folder I call "Evernote Scans" and it automatically imports into the default folder in Evernote. By the Time I get to Evernote it is there waiting for me.
  2. I use Disk Aid. I did a voice recording with it just to see. In the folder that you see the inbox and your email, you should also see a file with the extension .m4a. That file appeared after I did the recording. I'm thinking if the recording is somewhere it isn't within evernote.
  3. Has the skitch intigration directly from Evernote for iphone been removed? I know in the past version I was able to open an image from an Evernote note into Skitch and save it back to the note. Doesn't seem to work now.
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