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(Archived) How do I hide shared notebooks and tags?

Michael Gartner

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I would like to hide tags associated with shared notebooks.


I had to remove all of my colleagues shared notebooks from my Evernote, because I couldn't find/use my own tags, which makes collaboration very difficult.


If you see this mac thread, as of Sept 17, according to Evernote Employee Adjusting, there is an update coming.


I'd like know if this update will be coming to the windows client as well, and when we can expect it.

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I'm definitely getting that T-shirt made.  Evernote don't do predictions or share their route map or delivery plans (with one notable exception,  apparently...) but I'm pretty certain that you won't get anyone announcing the update will be coming to Windows next week.  And it's not.  That's just an example. It could be then,  or it might be next year..  maybe.

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