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  1. I've noticed that you can view only your tags (not tags associated with shared notebooks) when you click on tags and it is in the main Evernote area. You can then click on the down arrow in the middle and select "All Tags", "My Tags", or "Personal Tags" As others have noted here, it would be very beneficial to have this same feature in the sidebar tags. Thanks!
  2. Well, Is it possible to revert back to Evernote 4 until this issue is resolved?
  3. I would like to hide tags associated with shared notebooks. I had to remove all of my colleagues shared notebooks from my Evernote, because I couldn't find/use my own tags, which makes collaboration very difficult. If you see this mac thread, as of Sept 17, according to Evernote Employee Adjusting, there is an update coming. I'd like know if this update will be coming to the windows client as well, and when we can expect it.
  4. I'm on Where can I get the update? "Check for updates" says I have the latest version.
  5. Using Evernote 4, this was my go to action (F6). It would clear all tags, and show all notes. I also email myself notes multiple times throughout the day, so F9-F6-Tab-Home would get me to my latest notes right away. With Evernote 5, just hitting F6 makes Evernote unresponsive for a good few seconds sometimes. Anyone else having this issue?
  6. Has there been any update to this? I just installed Evernote 5 and have 6 shared notebooks worth of tags Any way to view tags just in your own notebook?
  7. Is there a place I can put this for future suggestion? This is the only feature holding us back from adopting it company wide.
  8. Hello there, Unless I am missing something, it seems I can only search one shared notebook (*per owner at least) at a time. I would like to be able to 'stack' them, or search all shared at one time. Am I missing something? Would this be something to add to a later release? Thanks! Mike Gartner (I've attached a picture showing where it only lets me choose one notebook, or the other ... but not both)
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