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I have two rental properties in two different cities.  Is there a way the managers could share reports (documents & spreadsheets) in my premium account without the ability to access my personal notebooks?

If yes could you explain?

I do some traveling and it would be helpful to access these reports.

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Get your managers to open their own Evernote accounts.  Share one notebook with both of them,  giving them edit rights on that notebook.  The rest of your notes will be confidential,  but both will be able to see and alter all the notes in the shared notebook.  If there are items you need to share with only one manager,  create another notebook for the purpose and share it with him.


Edit:  just FYI - they will be able to see all your tags (I think),  not just the ones in the shared notebook(s).  If that's an issue you could always open another blank Evernote account yourself and share from there with yourself as well as the managers - you will all then just get the notes and no tags.

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