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Annotate a PDF without create a new note


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When I do an annotation on a PDF on Evernote, a new note is created. At the end I have two notes with the same content and one of those two notes is annotated. Is that possible to avoid it and obtain only one note annotated?

Thanks for your help.


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@Serge - Currently this is by design. We did not want to be destructive to your PDF so by default we created a separate doc so nothing would get lost. We are looking at some options to allow for replacement vs. creating a new doc. 

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I finally found this post! Yay! I have been searching the interwebs for an answer on this. I would love to have the option of my annotations simply staying put in their original note. Especially images. Have I missed this change or addition? Or maybe I just don't know how to do it? Or maybe it's still in the pipeline. Please let me know if there is a more up to date conversation about this option. Thanks! 

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