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(Archived) Is there a way for premium members to turn off announcements and Evernote market in 7.0.1?


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They really clutter the screen up, and are effectively ads.  As a premium member I was formerly able to turn off the precursor to Evernote Marketplace (I forget the name already ;-).  I would like to do the same with the Marketplace.  It takes up a HUGE amount of screen real estate on the iPhone.  HUGE.

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You cannot currently remove it from the screen, only make it move to the bottom by reading every single announcement. Oh, and they added a "Market" section at the bottom as well which takes up even more space. As I've posted on the other threads on this topic, they need to allow for Premium users to remove these sections so that we can actually use the Evernote apps and services, not just read ads for other Evernote products.

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I absolutely agree with the other posters on this topic. I think in the last incarnation of Evernote, Premium subscribers were eventually able to hide the Premium tab, so why have we now lost this ability for customized display? Announcements and Market intrude on my content and spoil the user experience. Phil and team, please dial back on the marketing messages to your loyal Premium subscribers!

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As of today (last iOS app update) you can edit the order of sections on the screen en turn then 'off' which effectively transforms them into small icons at the bottom of the screen.

Yes, but it's still NOT turning them off! Evernote cannot help themselves- they just have to sneak those ad's in somehow.

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