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  1. The new design of the sidebar takes a lot of valuable screen estate for less urgent functions. This space could be used for recent notes, shortcuts, and notebooks. Currently the "need a little help" and Send Feedback" buttons take approximately four notebooks, shortcuts or recent notes lines. These functions can be easily found under the help menu so why have them here? I would love to loose them. Further more the forth and back buttons at the top use very much space while they physically occupay only a small part. Why not place the username dropdown besides them? Love to hear your thoughts, Best, Jan
  2. The problem with using the Tags method is that you can't share a Tag. I share Notebooks with collegues and sometimes I want to share with them a note that I have written in one of my personal notebooks. I don't want to copy it because if I ever choose to add something I need to add that text to both notes. I also don't want to move it because then my nicely organized personal notebook devaluates. I would say that you could introduce 'aliase-notes' quite normal in any operating system. Make the title a different colour of italic if you like.
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