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(Archived) (Archived) Using Evernote 7 on iPhone


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Good morning.


I finally have had some time to use the new Evernote app after upgrading to ios 7 last Wednesday.


The upgrade process itself was bumpy, and with the already-installed Evernote app no longer working, and with no EN update in the appstore, the frustration level was beginning to rise.


But imagine my surprise the next day to see an available update!  I have to say that the new layout is nothing like I could have imagined would be done with Evernote in the iPhone screen, but it definitely shows a complete retooling based on what EN thinks is more effective.  I'm not entirely sure that it is yet, but the process of editing notes is a big improvement over the previous version.


Page camera is a mixed bag, time will tell.


The space at the bottom of the screen to quickly tart a new note seems to not have an option for just starting a blank note - am I missing something?


Overall, nice change, Evernote team!

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