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(Archived) Online feedback on shard notes

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I use Evernote to get feedback from clients/friends. What i usually do is create a note write and visualize everything i made and share that note with the client and all my friends and what i get back is a text based email referring to the note. so have have to constantly switch between feedback and my note. 


What i would like is a more open note that will allow peoples feedback on a skitch/web clipper like way that will allow every visitor to view the open shared url and will allow him or her to leave feedback right on the page/note


Is there plans to implement this is there some trunk apps that will allow this.


Let me know what you think or how you work i would love to hear that.


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Hi.  This is a user forum,  so we don't have any special insights - especially since Evernote don't advertise their plans for future features.  Trunk apps are provided by third party developers who tend to be even less forthcoming.  It's fairly safe to say that Evernote doesn't have any plans that we're aware of to become a collaboration tool of any great note.  (Vague pun intended)  The only thing I can think of that might suit your purpose is the blog add-in postach.io

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