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(Archived) Keeps asking to sign in


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Love the new iOS redesign. Much faster, much easier to navigate. Very pleased, well done!

I am having one issue: instead of getting asked to enter my passcode on startup, I am asked to sign in instead. I use a long, randomly generated password for my account, so this is a real pain. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app on the off-chance that might clear it up, but no luck. Any help or fixes much appreciated!

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Same here.

The update went fine on the iPad and I have no issues there. However after the latest update I do have problems with Evernote on my iPhone: Every time I start the app, it requires me to do a full sign-in.

I have already tried to do a full uninstall and then reinstall Evernote but the problem remains.


Any pointers you can provide?

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In the mean time I have contacted Evernote support and a ticket has been created.

They have also informed me that "it appears that a bug is causing this and that they have issued an internal bug report and that this will be addressed in an order determined by their QA team. In any case there is no work around or quick fix at this moment."


With the QA team assigning priorities to the bugs on their list and the fixes that need to be created, it may not be a bad idea that you also contact Evernote support and flag that more users have this problem. Hopefully this way the fix will get a higher priority.

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