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(Archived) Do in-app support requests work at all?


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This question pertains to both the iOS 7 version of the app and the most recent iOS 6 version (I think 5.4.3?). There are two problems:

  1. Sometimes, the app completely craps out when you try to submit a support request through the app. It pops up an alert saying that there was a problem, the request was not submitted, and to try again later. This seems to happen more if you put in a title for your request; I've had cases where deleting the title and leaving the body the same has apparently caused the request to be submitted.
  2. I say "apparently" because I have never received a follow-up from an in-app support request. Not even the automated reply. I get them 100% of the time when I submit tickets through the support website, and 0% of the time with in-app requests.

So: do in-app support requests work at all?

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You should receive an email immediately for an in-app request, the same way you do for the web form.


If you don't, it didn't work.


That said, I just sent one from my iOS 7 device, and it worked for me. However, I have had trouble in the past with my Android.

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