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(Archived) Searching in evernote Desktop ver


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 Firstly i really like evernote particularly the ability to search and i'm going to start this post with the caveat that i am an absolute beginner.


BUT when i use the search box on the desktop version it usually says cant find any occurrences when i know that there are some.


at the top of the snippet view pane is a search criteria summary and it appears that when you do a search it searches the notebook you are in or gives you a few suggestions to try but if you want all references to your search term you have to alter notebook choice to all notebooks then it finds the note you knew was there. i think this could be confusing.it would make more sense for search by default to all notebooks and then allow you to chose further refinments to the search criteria to reduce number of hits for example, 


also in the search criteria area it gives you the choice of all or any of the following but doesnt allow you to enter more terms.


you may disagree and i might totally misunderstand what i'm doing but i'm still interested in your reasoning so do reply. ;)


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