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  1. Yes I found this works. The search for "546731" works with iphone & ipad. My goal wasn't to find all the vehicles that begin with 3GN but the specific vehicle that ends 546731. I could have entered the whole serial number and found it too.
  2. example I am searching for this note. NAPA 15 2010 Chevy HHR 3GNBAADB4AS546731. Using EN version and earlier versions. If I search for 546731, nothing appears. I am using the search box at the top of the page. The <CTRL> F rarely works for me. The search is successful when using ios devices. When I search for "NAPA 15" on WIN 7 it is found! I am searching serial numbers for recall information when I discovered this flaw. I have come across similar issues in the past too.
  3. Assuming the check box issue is addressed, could there be an option to hide the line after the box is checked?
  4. I can't comment about a MAC. I am glad I found this feature as I use a PC.
  5. When creating a new note, I find it a little annoying, that the cursor automatically defaults to the "Note Content" field. I would rather it go to the "Note Title" field. Maybe its how my mind works, but when creating a text note, I first try to give it a title and then add some text to the Note Content field. In many cases my notes consist of just the Title with nothing ever added to the Content field. I agree jz1985 On a very related note, I don't like how the Note Title auto-populates to whatever is on my calendar at that moment or my current location. This only seems to happen when using the EN Android app on my phone and tablet. This happens on the iOS platfrom as well. A switch in configuration would be great.
  6. It is happening to me too with XP & 7. I click on a tag with all notebooks open. Look at my list, and click on an item. Instant close with no error messages. This started with upgrade.also btw ios7 doesn't always update.
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