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(Archived) (Archived) A few vital new things in transition to EN 7 that really annoy me


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First of all, as a heavy user of EN, I am more than grateful for your excellent job!


I updated to EN 7 right after updating to iOS 7. The new look is fine to me, but I met something that are really annoying me in terms of functions.


1. The button for some pre-configured style of text (i.e., Sections, Subsections, Paragraphs, etc.) was one of the most amazing features of EN on and exclusively on iPad, but now it is gone which has caused me many trouble when I need to take a structured lecture notes efficiently.


2. I am no longer able to indent multiple lines at a time when I want to adjust the structure of the note; in fact, I can no longer indent any line unless it is in a list.


3. When I want to switch a list to bullet style from numbered style, it crashes immediately.


I hope that you can improve on these several issues.


Thank you!





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I am also missing the use of the indent (both in and back) icons. The icons are there, but they are greyed out on my iPad. I hope this is corrected soon. I use the indent function frequently in taking notes.

I found that you could only indent when it is in a list, and sometimes this doesn't work either.

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I use Drafts to write using Markdown, and then have it send the formatted Markdown to Evernote. Much faster to work, because I usually have a Bluetooth keyboard and my hands don't leave it.

I use a similar strategy sometimes. It also ensures your work is backed up in DB and EN, which is useful when EN isn't working properly (currently not syncing for me).

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+1 on the styles menu - a major feature for me that I had also hoped would be extended to desktop and Android versions. Also having the problem of the indent buttons greyed out when not in a list so can't replicate the "block quote" style by italicising and indenting text. This lack of a style menu is real problem for me as I use it to structure long notes and articles.

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